Expedition Bigfoot on Travel Channel

“Expedition Bigfoot” Coming to the Travel Channel

It’s been just a little over 2 years now since Finding Bigfoot aired its final episode, and in that time, there really hasn’t been a suitable cryptid-hunting show to take its place. I mean there’s been approximately 6 billion ghost hunting shows premiering and and getting canceled since then, but, well, none of them are […]

Gremlins: More Than Just Cute and Scaly Critters

All this week, I’ve been celebrating a momentous occasion: this month marks the 50th anniversary since The Twilight Zone aired its last new episode (“The Bewitchin’ Pool” on June 19th 1964, for those keeping track at home). As a result of this festive (and honestly somewhat downtrodden) day, I decided to choose a Serling-friendly critter to spotlight […]

William Shatner Believes In Aliens

It’s the day after Labor Day, summer has unofficially ended, and many kids are back to school today. So I’m doing a bit of light news today for everyone, whether your summer is over and you’re going back to school, or you’re a parent who is looking to celebrate your renewed freedom and quiet home. […]

William Shatner hosts ‘Weird or What’ for Discovery

Unlike a lot of people, I really like William Shatner. Go ahead, make fun of his toupée, his weight, his…jaunted…and overly…melodramatic…way…of…acting. But he’s an icon, and he knows how to laugh at himself. Also, he’s friggin’ Captain Kirk. So anything he does is gold in my book. Especially if he’s going to be hosting a […]