On the Trail of UFOs: Dark Sky

On the Trail of UFOs: Dark Sky – Review

On the Trail of UFOs: Dark Sky Directed by Seth Breedlove | Small Town Monsters West Virginia is a state that is well-known for its wide array of stories of high-strangeness. Mothman may be the most famous anomaly from the Mountain State, but it’s not the only one. The Flatwoods Monster terrorized Braxton County in […]

The Mothman Legacy by Small Town Monsterss

The Mothman Legacy – Review

The Mothman Legacy Directed by Seth Breedlove | Small Town Monsters One of the qualities that I really dig about the Small Town Monsters crew and their documentaries (and honestly, there’s a lot to dig) is that they’re not afraid to do things differently. As a compliment, that may sound a bit cliché, and perhaps […]

mothman evil incarnate loren coleman

Book Review: Mothman: Evil Incarnate

Mothman: Evil Incarnate by Loren Coleman The tagline for Loren Coleman’s new book Mothman: Evil Incarnate is “The Unauthorized Companion to The Mothman Prophecies,” referring to the book written by John Keel and published in 1975. And that tagline sums up this book very well. Mothman: Evil Incarnate is by no means a stand-alone book. Rather, […]

Haunted Trails in New York and West Virginia

History and the paranormal have always been intertwined. Or at least they should be. Ghosts, after all, are thought to be the spirits or residual energy of people who have passed in the, well, past. So, history! Unfortunately, not every ghost hunter out there approaches history with the reverence it deserves. And that’s why stories […]

Tragic Accident Blamed on Ghost Hunting

There have been lots of instances where amateur ghost hunters have gotten themselves into trouble, gotten shot at, or even gotten injured or killed, mainly because they were trespassing and being a bit reckless. When I first saw this story, I thought that’s what had happened again. But it tuns out the story is a […]

Bigfoot Crashes Wedding, Hicks Pleased Daughter Finally Finds Smart Mate

To me, the only really interesting thing about The Weekly World News is that there are people out there who actually read it and believe the stories in it. I think that is a bigger unexplained mystery than ghosts, Bigfoot and UFOs combined. Anyways, it’s Monday and we could all use a laugh, so I […]