Ted Bundy haunted house

Are Ghosts Haunting Ted Bundy’s Childhood Home?

In addition to being a paranormal investigator, I’m also an armchair expert on serial killers. Jack the Ripper is the one I’m most fascinated by, but I’ve also extensively studied Jeffrey Dahmer, David Berkowitz, John Wayne Gacy, the Zodiac, and of course, Ted Bundy. I have some thoughts on this news, as you may have […]

Become the Owner of Bigfoot’s Grave for $270,000

Oh, how I’ve missed blogging about silly Bigfoot stories, ghost hunters making ludicrous claims of proof of the paranormal, and photos of fuzzy distant objects that UFO “experts” claim are alien spacecraft. Between my job eating up most of my free time, and my computer crapping out when I do have free time, I haven’t […]

Military Drone Mistaken for UFO in Washington

I’m glad that people are out there, watching the skies (or the highways, in this case). But I’m not quite sure why these same people would believe that the U.S. Government, if they did indeed had an alien spacecraft, would transport the UFO, uncovered, on a flatbed truck for all to see. Especially after years […]

Fright House: Jenna Bush on the ghostly music playing in the presidential home already ‘haunted’ by Abraham Lincoln

Two stories on the White House being haunted in the same week! I’d love to get in there and do an investigation. And totally pretend to be president. Jenna Bush recently interviewed with Jay Leno (wearing a super cute dress, I might add) and said she had some ghostly encounters while living in the White […]

Ever Wondered if the White House is haunted?

I know I wonder. Every. Day. Again, I’m a geek when it comes to this stuff, but if I saw the ghost of Abigail Adams? I’d try to sit her down and ask her a bunch of questions! She’s my (current) favorite female historical figure! Article from the Washington Post about the White House and […]

Light streak in Columbia Theatre photo likely wasn’t a ghost

Occasionally you hear interesting stories of potential evidence of paranormal activity caught inadvertently. This past week a story came out of Washington state about an odd photo taken during the renovation of the Columbia Theatre. The story describes the strange situation surrounding the photograph, as well as simultaneously debunking it. Interestingly, the editors at the […]