The Beast of Bladenboro

For this week’s dose of folklore, let’s venture to the forests of North Carolina and explore a particularly bizarre tale of gore and mayhem.   Now you might be thinking that all tales of cryptozoology or the paranormal at large can prove rather strange.  True, but some stories are so peculiar that just trying to cobble […]

Pharrell Is (Probably) Not a Vampire

Vampires don’t exist, right? Well, for most of us, anyway. But there are those who keep posting pictures on the internet of the Civil War-era man who looks like Nicholas Cage, claiming he must be a vampire or a time traveller (which, granted, might explain a lot). But now Pharrell is being accused (by the […]

True Blood star Kristina Anapau Claims to Have Seen a Ghost

Yes, yet another celebrity is claiming to have seen a ghost. But like most paranormal experiences, I really feel like this one has a rational explanation, to anyone with half a brain, or anyone who engages in critical thinking of any kind. I’m not sure why this story insisted on italicizing all of the “I”s […]

Zombie, Bigfoot and UFO queries are wasting time, police chief warns

Oh, what a double-edged sword the Freedom of Information Act can be. On the one hand, it is a great tool and very handy for getting information released that would otherwise be kept from the general public. Over the years, some pretty interesting stuff has been revealed through this act. Many times documents are actually […]

David Boreanaz says new home is haunted

Sorry, David Borenaz fans: I’m about to take my wrath out him for an overall trend I’ve been noticing. Why is it that every celebrity’s home is haunted now? Granted, it gives me something to blog about – but that’s not the point. The point is, every time anyone has anything even remotely strange happen, […]