Bigfoot Hoaxer Tries to Prove Bigfoot is a Hoax

I had a pretty busy, aggravating day at work today, and really needed a good laugh. And then I stumbled across this: a press release about known Bigfoot hoaxer Tom Biscardi presenting a radio show that would prove once and for all that the Patterson-Gimlin footage is a hoax. I’ll let that sink in for […]

Top Ten Bigfoot movies

Top Ten Bigfoot Movies

So I came across this top ten list today on Dread Central, and had to share it. Bigfoot movies are among my favorite genre of horror movies, and I’ve even reviewed two of the movies mentioned here: Exists and Willow Creek. Even though I (sadly) haven’t seen most of these movies, it’s a good list […]

Bigfoot Press Conference: Much Ado About Nothing…and $5,000

So yesterday was the big day for Jeffrey Gonzalez and David Raygoza. As reported last week, they issued a press release claiming that they had found “the most convincing evidence of Bigfoot since the Patterson film.” The press release went on to detail what they had found: some smudges on a pickup truck window that […]