What Do Halloween and the Super Bowl Have in Common? (Hint: Travel Channel)

What season do you most associate with travel? Spring? Summer? Christmastime? Fall? My guess would be summer, maybe tied with or followed in a close second by Christmas. And those very well may be the busiest times for actual travel, but not for Travel Channel. Apparently their busiest season is Fall, specifically Halloween. Here’s what […]

The Creepy Legend Behind La Llorona

A movie theater gave its young audience the fright of their lives after viewing The Curse of La Llorona by accident. The Guzzo Marché Central theater in Montréal showed young moviegoers The Curse of La Llorona instead of the highly anticipated Detective Pikachu. Before the movie started, parents and kids were exposed to the Joker […]

Horror Movie “The Conjuring” Conjures Up Trespassers

We’ve done many residential investigations over the years, but we have rarely publicized them. And the times that we did, we have always changed the names and exact location in order to protect our clients from trespassers. Some of the residences we’ve done are already well-known, and they are used to the trespassers. Some clients […]