Photo of the Week: New York City

This week’s photo is a panorama of the city we live in and the city we love: New York City. This photo presents a slightly different view of the city, and not one that is seen very often. The landmarks and skyscrapersare not showcased, but it is very much New York City, and this view […]

Britain Visited By One UFO Per Month, But They Pose No Threat

A government entity putting an end to its own investigation into UFOs? As George Harrison once said, “It’s been done.” Personally, I don’t see this as an admission by anyone in government that UFOs actually exist. I think there’s a bit of semantics going on here, as a lot of people forget what the “U” […]

Julian Assange’s secret backwards messages about UFOs

I love stories like this, mostly because of how ridiculously ludicrous they are. I honestly believe that if you listen to audio of anyone talking backwards long enough, you’re bound to hear something that sounds like an actual sentence. especially if you’re like, you know, expecting to hear something. So now, UFO Digest is reporting […]