Nashville Bombing Suspect - Lizard People

Nashville Bombing Suspect Investigated Aliens and Lizard People?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, 2020 is ending with a bit of high strangeness. I mean, who ever thought that the left and right would unite in their hatred of Mitch McConnell? And who would have thought Donald Trump would be a voice of reason? Nobody. Yet, here we are. Then, the Christmas morning bombing in Nashville just […]

Police Blotter Fun with Bigfoot

Police blotters from other parts of the country are very different than police blotters here in New York City. Here, we get muggings, burglaries, attempted rapes, fights out in front of bars and nightclubs, vandalism, some really violent and scary stuff. But in Tennessee? Bigfoot getting the blame for some sort of ruckus. Plus lots […]

Woman Who Shot BB Gun at Ghost Hunters is Acquitted

Ghost hunting can be a dangerous hobby. You’re wandering around in the dark, in unfamiliar territory. Oftentimes, the building you are investigating is old, and stairs and bannisters may be more decorative than functional. And then sometimes, there’s just a hillbilly with a BB gun who wants to run you off because you’re near her […]

Woman Shoots Ghost Hunters with BB Gun

We’ve done stories before about residents with too many firearms much time on their hands, and how they will sometimes turn that against ghost hunters or kids just out to investigate a local urban legend. I’m not sure how teenagers taking picture of a public tunnel near this woman’s home is such a bother to […]

You Won’t See This Story on an Commercial…

Imagine you’re digging into your family’s history and you find out a). not only are there some indications that you and your spouse may possibly be related, and b). the guy you both are related to is a respected local historical figure who is buried in a place within driving distance to your home. So, […]

Tennessee town hopes ghost hunts can scare up cash

Here we go again. Another town is using the supposed paranormal activity of an old building to attract tourism. This time, it’s Harriman, Tennessee. And this is one of those issues that walks a very fine line in the paranormal community, and even outside of it. Is it ethical to run “ghost tours” to bring […]

Tennessee teacher holds teen ghost hunters at gunpoint

We’ve done many stories here at The Occult Section on the dangers of trespassing in the name of ghost hunting, and many of these stories deal with the ghost hunters getting hurt accidentally, and sometimes even killed. But after reading this story, it’s apparent there is a new danger to ghost hunters everywhere: gun nuts. […]