I Never Thought Syfy Would Stoop So Low

Yes folks, there is a very real possibility that “Deep South Paranormal” may be bumped up to become the second worst paranormal show ever. Syfy certainly has no shortage of ideas for TV shows. I’m more than a little amused at this casting call I found just now while searching for other stories to blog […]

Haunted Heirlooms

I was watching an old episode of “A Haunting” the other day, arguably one of the best television series to have ever been canceled, which centered around formulaic, “evil,” long-forgotten possessions in a dusty attic that were predictably infused with the residual energies of a former property owner. Typical. However, the story did have one […]

Jennifer Love Hewitt ‘Thinks Her House is Haunted’

In a stunningly ironic and most likely marketing-driven twist of fate, the star of Ghost Whisperer believes that her house is haunted. Of course, we are all haunted by people we went to high school with, so I’m not sure if I believe that part of it….but perhaps I am just being mean. The Ghost […]