The Grant Wilson Exposé!

I was in the midst of looking up ridiculous photos for the story I covered yesterday on the couple who is suing their landlord over their belief that he rented them a haunted house when I came across a startling discovery. It was a roughly drawn picture of Shaggy from Scooby-Doo, running away from something. […]

Thoughts on Grant Wilson Leaving TAPS/”Ghost Hunters”

As anyone who reads this blog probably knows, I’m not a fan of the SyFy Channel show Ghost Hunters. I haven’t watched the show for a few years now (with one exception, which I will soon explain), and most of my paranormally-involved friends and acquaintances no longer watch it either, for a myriad of reasons. But I […]

Tennessee town hopes ghost hunts can scare up cash

Here we go again. Another town is using the supposed paranormal activity of an old building to attract tourism. This time, it’s Harriman, Tennessee. And this is one of those issues that walks a very fine line in the paranormal community, and even outside of it. Is it ethical to run “ghost tours” to bring […]

Halloween Events at Snug Harbor

Yes, it’s shameless self-promotion time again, but this time, I’m taking a few friends along with me. With September almost halfway over, those of us with paranormal leanings are finding our attention becoming more and more focused on the Halloween season. And Halloween season means lots of ghost tours of haunted locations and other fun […]

You May be a Ghost Hunters Copycat if….

It seems like every day there are more and more paranormal/ghost hunting groups that pop up. This means, horrifyingly, that there are more and more groups out there using TV shows as their paranormal bible. I’ve been noticing some patterns and thought it’d be funny to come up with a list of warning signs. If […]

Ethical Questions Haunt Eastern State Penitentiary

A big question that seems to be popping up more and more in the paranormal community is one of ethics: is it right to use (some would say exploit) places of great tragedy in order to sell tickets for spooky ghost tours? I’ve discussed this before in relation to Pennhurst Center, and it seems like […]

Zak Bagans to Host Paranormal Game Show

Ok, I won’t mince words here. I don’t like Zak Bagans. Maybe it’s because I’m not a 12-year-old girl who is more impressed by a guy taking his shirt off than actually investigating the paranormal in a serious and scientific manner. But who wants to see that, right? Anyways, it seems as though he hasn’t […]

“Beast Legends” Premieres September 9th on SyFy

I wish I could get excited by the news of a paranormal show premiering that focuses on the search for things that aren’t ghosts. I really feel that other paranormal phenomena have gotten the shaft as of late, with the popularity of “Ghost Hunters” and its seemingly endless spinoffs, odd-looking steroid freak-hosted “Ghost Adventures,” the downright awful […]

Cryptozoologists on “Wife Swap”

I guess if reality TV “stars” can make guest appearances on paranormal investigations shows, then it’s only fair if paranormal investigators make guest appearances on reality TV shows. Michelle Mason blogged yesterday about The Real Housewives appearing in a future epicsode of “Ghost Hunters” (I’ll pause for a moment to allow you to mourn the loss […]

A few thoughts on TAPS & Ghost Hunters Academy

The new season of Ghost Hunters Academy started last week, and while I really don’t watch any of the “spinoffs” of Ghost Hunters, I happened to catch it in a rerun late Sunday night (or rather, early Monday morning…thanks, insomnia). And like most things TAPS has been doing for the past 4 years or so, […]