The Year in Review: 2013 – Part 2

Happy New Year, readers! 2014 is here, and it’s time once again to look back at the previous year. I first did a “Year in Review” series back in 2012 (for 2011), but wasn’t able to do one last year. The demands of my job at the time were too great, and I was bogged […]

Celebrities Who Believe in UFOs

Piggybacking on our story from the other day about the Russell Crowe UFO, I decided to post this story about other celebrities who famously believe in UFOs. Tom Cruise is a wackjob (please don’t sue me!!), but I’ve always felt that the Jackie Gleason story was interesting, even if it is probably just an urban […]

Transparent Alien Captured in Photo?

As a paranormal investigator, it’s always interesting for me to see, psychologically, how different investigators interpret their “evidence” based on their interests. Ufologists see strange lights and investigate them as alien spacecraft, whereas ghost hunters would consider them orbs. Strange sounds in the forest are interpreted as the voices of the dead, or as Bigfoot […]

Update on the Baltic Sea UFO

Obviously, I’m a paranormal/supernatural/unexplained enthusiast. I love this crap, I really do. I mean I spend pretty much any free time I have working on this blog and actually investigating the paranormal. So while this story naturally intrigues me, the delays and excuses are starting to wear a little thin for me. We blogged about […]

Team to investigate underwater UFO in Baltic Sea

We reported on this story back in August, where a team of underwater treasure hunters supposedly found what looks like a UFO (or the Millennium Falcon from “Star Wars”) deep under the Baltic Sea. Now comes news that the team might return to the location in may to see what they can find out about […]

UFO hunter: Aliens killing sheep

So a British UFO hunter is claiming that he has witnessed aliens in UFOs mutilating sheep. He also likens what he saw to a “Star Wars battle.” If only they were mutilating Jar Jar instead of our poor sheep. Phil Hoyle, 53, of Shrewsbury, England — who said he has been investigating British livestock mutilations for […]