Guilty Pleasures: Celebrity Ghost Stories

Last week, I wrote about one of my guilty pleasures, the Animal Planet show Finding Bigfoot. Tough for me to admit, because on the whole, I don’t really enjoy the current crop of paranormal TV offerings. But I must admit that there are a few I watch, and mainly because even though they are not […]

Sleep Paralysis the Subject of New Short Film

We’ve done a lot of stories here at The Occult Section regarding sleep paralysis, which can account for most (if not all) paranormal encounters that happen when we are sleeping. Simply put, sleep paralysis occurs when our minds wake up incorrectly, if you will, and while our minds may be conscious, our bodies are still […]

Alien abductions just vivid dreams?

I’ve never been a big believer in alien abductions. I believe in the possibility, of course, and I even believe that it’s possible that at some point in our history, extraterrestrials may have abducted a person or persons. I do not, however, believe that alien abductions happen on a regular basis. For one, it always […]