“Skunk Ape” or “Swamp Ape,” it all smells the same to me!

Those of you interested in the seemingly never ending “search for Bigfoot” may be fascinated by this little tale from my youth. I was born and raised in Florida, living in central Florida mostly. When I was about 12 or 13, I went out on a trip with my church’s youth group. The trip was […]

New Bigfoot Map Details Sightings

So you want to hunt Bigfoot, but don’t know where to start? Try reading a book! No, but seriously, it seems as though a doctoral candidate has plugged in Bigfoot sightings from the past 100 years into a computer, and generated a Bigfoot map of all of the sightings. It’s pretty common knowledge regarding where […]

Bigfoot Believer Keeps Hairs and Skin of Alleged Sasquatch

So many interesting anecdotes about Bigfoot, and so little actual proof. I came across this story of a woman who has been holding on to some biological material (hairs and skin, mostly) from what she claims is a sasquatch. Her story, while extremely interesting, doesn’t bring us any closer to determining if Bigfoot exists, unfortunately. SUTHERLIN, Ore. […]

Cryptozoologists on “Wife Swap”

I guess if reality TV “stars” can make guest appearances on paranormal investigations shows, then it’s only fair if paranormal investigators make guest appearances on reality TV shows. Michelle Mason blogged yesterday about The Real Housewives appearing in a future episode of Ghost Hunters (I’ll pause for a moment to allow you to mourn the loss […]