Hold Up. Necrophilia was Technically Legal in CA up Until 2004?

Yes, this is apparently true. And, I suppose unfortunately for Alejandro Razo, the criminalizing of having sex with dead bodies came about nine years too early. Awk…..ward. SHERMAN OAKS, Calif. – Alejandro Razo, a Southern California nurse, has been accused of committing a sex act on a corpse at Sherman Oaks Hospital, authorities said Monday, […]

Sasquatch Sexuality

We’re not generally purveyors of porn here at The Occult Section, but as the old adage goes, we’re reading this month’s issue of Penthouse for the articles. Specifically, the article on the sexuality of Bigfoot by Loren Coleman and others. If Bigfoot exists, it is a biological creature, and therefore, has biological urges. Yet most […]