Atlanta mom sees son's ghost on security camera

Grieving Mom Spots Son’s Ghost on Security Camera

While I am usually pretty skeptical about security camera “ghosts,” I must admit that this story has me a bit intrigued. An Atlanta mother who lost her son to a drug overdose in 2016 is claiming that her security system alerted her to a “person” that was spotted in her kitchen via security camera, and she […]

Ghost on camera at New Mexico Police Station

Ghost on Camera at New Mexico Police Station?

It must be close to Halloween, as the mainstream media stories about ghosts and the paranormal are picking up. This week, the buzz has been about the alleged “ghost” captured by security cameras on a New Mexico police station. The video is, of course, grainy and blurry and completely, ambiguously unimpressive. I took New Mexico […]

Bigfoot Captured on Security Camera?

It’s not too often that I use other blogs as a source for news items, but Javier Ortega over at Ghost Theory has a knack for digging up juicy paranormal items, and this story is no different. It’s been a while since any really good Bigfoot video has been taken, but this caught my eye, […]