Loch Ness Monster Expert to Discuss Findings

I’m usually pretty bored by lake monsters as a cryptid, as I just don’t see much evidence to support their existence, and most photos of the alleged monster either look like obvious fakes or waves in the water. But I do think a statistical analysis of Loch Ness Monster sightings would be interesting, and similar […]

My Haunted Hometown

The mention of ghosts and Scotland probably makes most people think of Edinburgh or mist cloaked castles in the Highlands. To give them their due, those kinds of places do have incredible hauntings, but they tend to eclipse other places in Scotland. Glasgow, my hometown, is a good case in point. It boasts a variety […]

The Shipwreck Cemetery

Sandwood Bay, and its famed sea stack Am Buachaille, is situated a few miles from Cape Wrath, Sutherland in the Scottish Highlands. To reach it, you have to walk four miles along a track from the Blairmore car park, the nearest you will get a car. Lying at the end of the path is one […]

Megan Fox Believes in Bigfoot, Leprechauns and the Loch Ness Monster

We love doing stories about celebrities and the paranormal (Sammy Hagar, Adele, Fran Drescher, Rihanna, Charlie Sheen). The only paranormal show I can watch without wanting to vomit is Celebrity Ghost Stories, because it’s just people talking about weird things that happened to them, no faked evidence, no “experts” speaking in absolutes, no scripted drama. It doesn’t mean […]

Haunting – A Way To Remember

It’s a well worn cliché that in the current age of advanced technology, science and mass communications that ghosts should really be a thing of the past. They are a throwaway, harkening back to a time when superstition ruled supreme and human-kind sought mystical means of controlling the world around them, a world they could […]

The Curse of Bluidy Mackenzie

In Edinburgh, Scotland, something is lurking at the back of Greyfriars Cemetery that isn’t as friendly as Greyfriars’ Bobby, the legendary small dog associated with the graveyard. Ever since the winter of 1998/99, when a homeless man tried to seek shelter in the ornate mausoleum of Lord Advocate, George Mackenzie, an entity called the Mackenzie […]

Loch Ness Monster Hunter Claims to Have Photo of Nessie

If I had a nickel for every story we’ve done here about some blurry photograph of some blob that the photographer was claiming was proof of some as-of-yet undiscovered monster, I’d have…well, maybe a dollar or so. A nickel doesn’t go as far as it used to. But you get the idea. Anyways, here is […]

Princess Diana’s ‘ghost’ caught on camera in Glasgow?

On of my biggest pet peeves is when ghost hunters find a piece of “evidence” that is clearly faked and then go to the media to claim that they have proof of paranormal activity. Now we have another irresponsible paranormal investigator claiming that some footage taken in a Glasgow church shows the ghost of Princess […]

Susan Boyle believes her mother’s ghost is with her

Sometimes, when you lose someone close to you, you want some sign that they are there so badly you are willing to believe they’ve come back no matter what. I think this may be the case with Susan Boyle, who lost her mother, and then was catapulted to stardom so quickly. The book Hauntings and […]

UFOs and ghosts among ‘paranormal activity’ investigated by Scottish police force

It’s always interesting to me when police or military forces investigate the paranormal, and even more interesting when they can’t explain it. I stumbled across this little article from Scotland’s STV, and it details some incidents of paranormal activity that local police had investigated. Although officers in Dundee, Perthshire and Angus did not receive any […]