Charlie Sheen Plans to Hunt the Loch Ness Monster

Forget Celebrity Ghost Stories. They need a show about crazy celebrities who are into other paranormal phenomena. Like Meatloaf and Robbie Williams going hunting for UFOs, Charlie Sheen is now jumping on the bandwagon: he plans to head to Scotland to hunt for the Loch Ness monster. HOLLYWOOD hellraiser Charlie Sheen is planning a trip […]

Ghostly meat-ings for Robbie Williams

I’ll admit, I’m totally jealous of these two – they get to look for all the famous ghosts, while most of us are reduced to searching for the “normies.” I suppose someone’s gotta do it though, and why not Robbie Williams and Meat Loaf? Also, can we just talk about how this article informally refers […]

Robbie Williams wants to buy White Rock Island to view UFOs

We posted a few months back about singer Adele inviting fellow british pop star Robbie Williams to stay at her haunted house. Well now it seems that the paranormal enthusiast is looking to buy his own island…so that he can look for UFOs. Pop singer Robbie Williams is seeking to buy White Rock Island off the coast of California to serve […]

Adele Invites Paranormal Enthusiast Robbie Williams and Ayda Field to Haunted Sussex Estate

I love me some Adele. I mean, who doesn’t? She’s so hot right now. AND she believes her crazy huge house is haunted. Naturally, when you are rich and famous you invite other people who are rich and (slightly less) famous than you to come find out what’s going on. Adele has invited Robbie Williams […]