Bigfoot Hoaxer Tries to Prove Bigfoot is a Hoax

I had a pretty busy, aggravating day at work today, and really needed a good laugh. And then I stumbled across this: a press release about known Bigfoot hoaxer Tom Biscardi presenting a radio show that would prove once and for all that the Patterson-Gimlin footage is a hoax. I’ll let that sink in for […]

Bigfoot Likes Pizza and Nutter Butters?

There’s been a lot of drama surrounding the Bigfoot community as of late. First there was the report of numbskull hoaxer Rick Dyer claiming once again (he claimed the same thing in 2008, and the Bigfoot turned out to be a gorilla costume and some racoon entrails in a cooler) that he had shot and […]

Bigfoot Hunter To Tour With Dead Body of Sasquatch

Back in May, we reported that Bigfoot hunter hoaxer extraordinaire Rick Dyer would be offering proof of his claim that he shot and killed Bigfoot in his film, Shooting Bigfoot. Well, people saw the film and nobody was impressed. Dyer got all mad and defensive, and promised that he’d reveal the body in August. That […]

“Shooting Bigfoot” by Rick Dyer Fails to Impress

Rick Dyer just won’t go away. The Bigfoot hunter who claims to have found, shot and killed Bigfoot keeps tempting the media with alleged proof of Bigfoot, and consistently doesn’t deliver. He finally said his film, “Shooting Bigfoot,” would prove his claims once and for all. And now that the film has premiered, surprise surprise, it doesn’t […]