The Mysterious Case of Esther Ennis

Earlier this week I wrote an article about Calvary Cemetery in Queens. In the article I made a brief mention of a young woman who was the “first burial in Calvary,” in 1848. Her name was Esther Ennis. She was only 29 years old when she died, and according to “legend” she died of a […]

Calvary Cemetery: 3 Million (and 1) Souls

When I moved to Queens, I knew that I was entering a new realm, where the living are outnumbered by the dead by outrageous proportions. Perhaps one of the most well known cemeteries in this area is Calvary Cemetery. Calvary has the largest number of interments in the entire United States. (Over 3 million currently […]

Two Boys Find Decomposed Foot, Believe it Belongs to Bigfoot

I came across this story today, in which two boys found a decomposing foot and are now attributing it to Bigfoot. Reading the article, it doesn’t really say how big the foot is and why it couldn’t be a human or bear foot, so I’m not sure why this automatically belongs to Sasquatch. Maybe it’s […]