Bermuda Triangle rogue wave theory

The Bermuda Triangle and the Rogue Wave Theory

Ahh, the Bermuda Triangle. The area of ocean between Bermuda, Florida, and Puerto Rico that supposedly is cursed, and is responsible for the loss of hundreds of aircraft and ships, as well as the lives of those on board. Over the years, a variety of paranormal culprits have been blamed for the weirdness, from sea […]

El Chupacabra in the Philippines?

Oh, el chupacabra. The Latin American urban legend that is supported by folklore that goes all the way back to the 1990s. The creature that witnesses say looks like a vampiric alien with huge bulging eyes, razor-sharp talons and a row of spines on its back, yet inevitable looks like a mangy dog whenever it is allegedly captured […]

ExtraNormal and the Intraterrestrials: News or Entertainment?

Another week, another TV show about unexplained phenomena in Latin America, right? For the benefit of those of you who don’t habla, I’m going to illuminate you on the Mexican show ExtraNormal, a perfect example of the Latin American phenomenon of paranormal news shows that are actually framed as something like a paranormal version of […]

Hunting the Chupacabras

I was six years old, growing up in Puerto Rico, when the first sighting of the Chupacabras was reported in 1992. But reports really started taking off in 1995, when sightings began occurring all over Latin America and with more and more frequency in Puerto Rico. The entire island was obsessed with the Chupacabras, whether […]