Moldy ghosts

Ghost Hunters Investigate Mold as Cause Of Paranormal Activity

Every now and then, I come across a story about paranormal research that gives me some hope that a few people out there are still taking things seriously and are conducting themselves in a scientific manner. These days, most people equate “fancy gadgets” with “scientific,” and that’s just not the case. Just because spirit boxes have all […]

French Family Hit by Flying Chairs in Their Haunted House

Paranormal activity, for the most part, is subtle. A light knock on a door when nobody is on the other side, light footsteps coming from a room nobody is in, a whisper of a voice when nobody else is present. And the best way to tell that something is probably not paranormal is when it […]

Poltergeists and the Recession

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, you have to admit that the phenomena is interesting on a certain level, whether it’s a real phenomenon or just some sub-conscious human affect. Because whether they exist or not, people see them and experience them. For me, I’ve always felt the more interesting common thread in poltergeist […]

The Curse of Bluidy Mackenzie

In Edinburgh, Scotland, something is lurking at the back of Greyfriars Cemetery that isn’t as friendly as Greyfriars’ Bobby, the legendary small dog associated with the graveyard. Ever since the winter of 1998/99, when a homeless man tried to seek shelter in the ornate mausoleum of Lord Advocate, George Mackenzie, an entity called the Mackenzie […]

Director Katie Carman and the Paranormal

Well first, I suppose I should introduce myself to you fine readers. My name is Katie Carman, and I’m a film director with a huge interest in all things supernatural.   My first film “Eat Me!” was a comedy with zombies (mostly funny, and a tiny bit gory), and I’m just finishing up my 2nd […]

South Park spoofs Ghost Hunters

The episode of South Park airing tonight (the first episode of the second half of the 13th season…phew!) spoofs Ghost Hunters and ghost hunting in general. AMAZING. There is apparently a poltergeist haunting Ike Broflovski, who is Kyle’s younger brother (in kindergarten). It should be noted here that the storyline (if it is a poltergeist) […]