New Jersey Man Sues Pennhurst Haunted House

A few years back, we blogged about Pennhurst Asylum being turned into a haunted house Halloween attraction, and the controversy that surrounded it. And the controversy was well deserved. Ethical questions arose regarding turning a former asylum where patients were horribly mistreated into a campy Halloween attraction to make money. Now, a New Jersey man […]

Ethical Questions Haunt Eastern State Penitentiary

A big question that seems to be popping up more and more in the paranormal community is one of ethics: is it right to use (some would say exploit) places of great tragedy in order to sell tickets for spooky ghost tours? I’ve discussed this before in relation to Pennhurst Center, and it seems like […]

Pennhurst haunted attraction in question

This story really shines a spotlight on something I think many serious paranormal investigators would say is a growing problem in the field: ghost tours of supposedly haunted places. I have no problem with haunted tours as a general rule. I think if they educate the public and offer historical value, then there’s nothing wrong […]