Ghost Hunter Claims to Film Queen Elizabeth I Apparition

Compelling evidence of the paranormal is extremely hard to come by. Most evidence falls into one of two categories: way too good to ever be true, or so vague/faint/fuzzy that nobody can rally even identify it. The “too good to be true” variety is usually the work of clever (or sometimes not so clever) hoaxers. […]

Too Funky

George Michael, beloved musical icon and philanthropist, may have received a carless whisper from the edge of heaven from an unlikely source near his home in Highgate, Greater London, UK over the weekend. Micky Gocool and Louise Roche of the North London Paranormal Investigators just happened to be passing through on Saturday afternoon while the […]

The Paranormal Professional’s Primer: Part 1

Being a paranormal investigator for the past 4 years or so, I’ve had lots of people ask me lots of questions about my experiences. Topics that come up a lot seem to be things like how we started the group, what equipment we use, how we conduct investigations, what kind of evidence we have caught, what was the scariest thing to ever […]