Ryan Buell Paranormal State arrested

Ryan Buell of Paranormal State Arrested for Felony Theft

Well, I can’t say I’m surprised. Ryan Buell, of Paranormal State fame, has finally surpassed Brian Harnois as “Most Embarrassing ParaCeleb.” One of the hoaxingest hoaxsters amongst a myriad of paranormal TV hoaxsters, Buell has previously been accused of stealing money from his fans, as well as falsely claiming he had pancreatic cancer in order to […]

Ryan Buell of “Paranormal State” Diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer

We’re usually less than kind here at The Occult Section when it comes to the slew of paranormal “reality” TV shows that are obviously staged and/or faked in the quest for ratings (e.g. Ghost Hunters, Finding Bigfoot, Chasing UFOs, etc.). Obviously, as people with passions for the paranormal, we don’t like seeing the facts skewed, […]