Human foot washes ashore on Vancouver Island, Canada

Human Foot Washes Up On Vancouver Island

The following story, about a human foot washing up on the beach of Vancouver Island, is weird, but also has a personal element of weirdness for me. More about that in a bit. But stories like this always catch my attention. So apparently, including this most recent foot, 13 feet have washed up on the […]

New Bigfoot Map Details Sightings

So you want to hunt Bigfoot, but don’t know where to start? Try reading a book! No, but seriously, it seems as though a doctoral candidate has plugged in Bigfoot sightings from the past 100 years into a computer, and generated a map of all of the sightings. It’s pretty common knowledge regarding where you […]

Peter Byrne Still Has Hopes of Finding Bigfoot

I’ve always admired Peter Byrne and his swagger. One of the original Bigfoot hunters, Byrne hasn’t really been mentioned much in the news lately, and I haven’t really seen him on many of the TV shows. I guess he’s been busy actually searching for Sasquatch lately, instead of making the TV rounds. And I say, good for […]

Become the Owner of Bigfoot’s Grave for $270,000

Oh, how I’ve missed blogging about silly Bigfoot stories, ghost hunters making ludicrous claims of proof of the paranormal, and photos of fuzzy distant objects that UFO “experts” claim are alien spacecraft. Between my job eating up most of my free time, and my computer crapping out when I do have free time, I haven’t […]

Bigfoot Spider Found In Caves In The Pacific Northwest

Whenever Bigfoot is discussed, experts like to throw out facts about new species being discovered all the time. And rightly so. Not that it proves the big guy (or gal) exists, but it does a lot to silence the skeptics who believe we’ve found every animal on the planet already. I’m all for healthy debate, […]