Bigfoot Believer Keeps Hairs and Skin of Alleged Sasquatch

So many interesting anecdotes about Bigfoot, and so little actual proof. I came across this story of a woman who has been holding on to some biological material (hairs and skin, mostly) from what she claims is a sasquatch. Her story, while extremely interesting, doesn’t bring us any closer to determining if Bigfoot exists, unfortunately. SUTHERLIN, Ore. […]

Bigfoot Calls on the Umatilla Indian Reservation

Over the years, there have been many recordings of alleged Bigfoot calls. To date, I believe most of them have been explained away as being from known animals via audio analysis. The 1994 Howl from Columbiana County, Ohio, I believe is the only one that hasn’t yet been officially debunked. And to me, it’s the […]

Become the Owner of Bigfoot’s Grave for $270,000

Oh, how I’ve missed blogging about silly Bigfoot stories, ghost hunters making ludicrous claims of proof of the paranormal, and photos of fuzzy distant objects that UFO “experts” claim are alien spacecraft. Between my job eating up most of my free time, and my computer crapping out when I do have free time, I haven’t […]

Bigfoot Spider Found In Caves In The Pacific Northwest

Whenever Bigfoot is discussed, experts like to throw out facts about new species being discovered all the time. And rightly so. Not that it proves the big guy (or gal) exists, but it does a lot to silence the skeptics who believe we’ve found every animal on the planet already. I’m all for healthy debate, […]

McKenzie River Bigfoot?

There has been a lot of talk these past few days about some footage of a supposed Bigfoot captured during the filming of a fly fishing video on the McKenzie River in Central Oregon. Websites such as the BFRO and Loren Coleman’s Cryptomundo have been talking about it and analyzing it. The video, posted below, […]