Bigfoot Birthday Party

Birthday Party Bigfoot Terrorizes Children

Ahh, Bigfoot. Who doesn’t love the big, hairy, legendary cryptid of North American folklore? I’ll tell you who: unsuspecting 6-year-olds. And the parents of said 6-year-olds who hired a birthday party Bigfoot to entertain the kiddies. It all started innocently enough. Brett McPherson, of Broken Bow, Oklahoma, was planning a birthday party for her daughter, […]

Bigfoot Hunter Shot by Fellow Bigfoot Hunter

It seems that lately, the popular excuse for ne’er-do-wells caught in their suspicious acts is to claim to be investigating the paranormal. We reported on marijuana farmers and meth-dealers claiming to be in the woods at night searching for Bigfoot, and now there’s this story of a man being shot in the back by an alleged […]

Haunted Hotel Stay Makes Believer Out of ESPN Columnist Bill Simmons

About a year ago, Laura blogged about the New York Knicks staying at a supposedly haunted hotel in Oklahoma City. Now it seems another person in the sports world is claiming to have experienced paranormal activity in the hotel, ESPN’s Bill Simmons. From USA Today: Skeptical about ghost stories? If so, check out ESPN columnist Bill […]

Lakers Staying in Haunted Hotel

Back in January I gently chided the New York Knicks for claiming that staying in a haunted hotel caused them to lose a basketball game. Well it turns out this particular hotel in Oklahoma City is scaring the Be-Jeebus out of the entire NBA! Allegedly men staying in the hotel have heard a woman’s voice […]

New York Knicks say haunted hotel was a problem before loss to Thunder

I suppose if I were on the New York Knicks, I’d come up with reasons such as “my hotel was haunted and that’s why I played so badly.” After you run through all your legitimate excuses, it’s certainly time to get creative. I suppose horrible coaching plus poor playing aren’t valid reasons anymore. So the […]