Can Britain Repel a UFO Invasion?

I think the answer to the above question is a firm “No.” Unless the United States helps them out. But all kidding aside, I’m pretty sure that if aliens do invade, Earth is not the horse to bet on. Britain has the weapons to stop a UFO invasion, says the British government’s former top UFO […]

UFO Secrets To Be Revealed at National Atomic Testing Museum

This UFO conference looks interesting, and not because of the lofty promise that it makes that it will inevitably fall short on delivering. The participants are highly credible people from the U.S armed forces, and one of the highest authorities on UFOs in the U.K. In just a few weeks, some kind of UFO-related secrets […]

Britain Visited By One UFO Per Month, But They Pose No Threat

A government entity putting an end to its own investigation into UFOs? As George Harrison once said, “It’s been done.” Personally, I don’t see this as an admission by anyone in government that UFOs actually exist. I think there’s a bit of semantics going on here, as a lot of people forget what the “U” […]

MoD blocks release of UFO files

I think it’s safe to say that most UFO enthusiasts, myself included, have completely given up hope that the U.S. government will ever release any official UFO information. They’ve just been too secretive for too long, and have put out way too many ridiculous explanations for UFOs over the years (including but not limited to: […]