New Zealand Sea Monster

New Zealand Sea Monster Spotted on Google Earth

Google Earth is a blessing and a curse. Obviously it’s nice to see amazing satellite images of the Earth, and it’s awesome to be able to zoom in and see where we live or places we’ve never been to. Then again, there are people who are constantly finding UFOs, monsters, ghosts, and sea serpents in […]

New Zealand Man Catches Strange See-Through Shrimp Creature

While conventional science tells us that we’ve basically discovered everything there is to discover and know everything that there is to know (in a nutshell), new creatures are constantly being discovered. Most times, these new discoveries are just variants of species we already knew existed. And sometimes they are just really strange, alien-looking creatures that […]

New Zealand Motorists See Flying Car UFO

When Kenneth Arnold first spotted objects he described as “saucers” skipping across water, the term “flying saucer” was coined. Since then, UFOs have been described as having many different shapes, such as boomerang, cigar-shaped, triangles, V-shaped, orbs or spheres, etc. But a motorist in New Zealand may have spotted a new breed of unidentified flying […]

Castle Owner Fed Up With Ghost Hunters

I’m surprised I don’t come across more stories like this. As the popularity of ghost hunting (and the paranormal in general) increases, there are more and more people out there who want to explore it. At the same time, more and more places are closing their doors or charging exorbitant fees for people to come in and conduct paranormal investigations. So, […]

Maori slam Ghost Hunters International as ‘gauche’

As paranormal investigators, we often have to walk a fine line. Research needs to be done, and the best place to investigate the paranormal is in places that are reported to be haunted. The problem is, many places that have high incidents of supposedly paranormal activity are places where great tragedies happened, such as asylums, […]

New Zealand ghost hunter arrested for burglary

It seems like there’s a few stories like this popping up every week now, where a person trespasses or even breaks into a building or property, all in the name of ghost hunting. Here is the knucklehead of the week, courtesy of the Wanganui Chronicle in New Zealand: A self-professed ghost hunter has denied a burglary […]