Lady Gaga is getting ripped off by Ghostbusters

I first came across the epic tale that is Lady Gaga’s paranormal activity back in June. I am now forced to seriously question her judgment and those of people around her (her “yes” people?). Of course, I suppose things like logic and reason don’t actually matter when you’re the most famous person on the planet […]

Lady Gaga calls Ghostbusters

Okay so recently I’ve been going through a serious Lady Gaga kick. In fact…I’m listening to her right now. And I was listening to her before I even found this story as well as many others (through random news searches about the paranormal). Just when you think you have seen it all, Lady Gaga pulls […]

Occult cited in Romanian election

If you’ve voted in one Romanian election, you’ve voted in them all. Can you imagine this happening in the United States? Obama vs. McCain and a parapsychologist sending bad vibes all over the place. I think the lesson here is clear: never trust a man with a beard. BUCHAREST, Romania – Was a top contender […]