Derek Acorah Attempts Contact with Michael Jackson

I’m not a big fan of psychics, and TV psychics in particular annoy me. I think it’s just too easy for these guys and gals to use their parlor tricks and have things edited to make them look accurate. Plus, I’m sure there’s hordes of producers feeding them information so that they appear “correct.” Derek Acorah is one of […]

Paranormal TV Show “Most Haunted” Deemed Too Scary for Kids

Ok, so the jokes for this one basically write themselves. A broadcast watchdog group in England found that the paranormal investigating show Most Haunted violated its standards for what children can see (hey, what about us adults?) when the “psychic” on the show pretended to be was possessed by a child. I had no idea that the granddaddy of all […]

Photo of the Week: Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, PA

Who doesn’t love Eastern State Penitentiary? Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Eastern State Penitentiary is perhaps one of the most famous haunted locations in the country. The prison opened in 1829 and closed its doors as a prison in 1971. During that time, the prison was home to thousands of criminals, with the most notorious among them being […]

England’s ‘most haunted house’ up for sale

I love these kind of stories! It’s fun to dream about owning an actual haunted house. Like, I live in an old NYC apartment (with a clawfoot bathtub!) and the only thing this place is haunted by is the chilling yowls of my bipolar cat. Anyway, if you have £375,000 to spare ($577,474 in US […]

From Britain: Child-sex suspect worked as ghost hunter on telly

Talk about awwwwkward! Perhaps this is the reason why fellows like Jim Marshall are so against ghost hunters? It was reported that in Great Britain a man suspected of assaulting a child over the span of 10 years is also a psychic and a ghost hunter, going so far as to appear on the TV […]