Montauk Monster of Staten Island

Montauk Monster on Staten Island?

Staten Island is famous (or infamous) for many things, but monsters and cryptids are not really among them. Sure, we’ve had lots of UFO sightings, creepy clowns, mystery sounds, alligators in the sewers, and even a Bigfoot sighting back in the ’70s, but sadly (for me, anyways) we don’t have a cryptid, a Staten Island […]

Horned Sea Monster is Just a Shark Skeleton

A rotting carcass recently washed up on the shores of Spain, and people immediately started wondering what the creature was. It was even dubbed Spain’s Montauk monster, even though the creature in Montauk was a mammal and the horned sea monster in Spain was obviously a sea creature of some sort. But like the Montauk […]

‘Beast of Brooklyn’ Washes Ashore in New York City

Most people will probably remember the Montauk Monster that washed up in the Hamptons back in 2008, or the Cerro Azul monster that we blogged about last September. Now it seems that another strange, hairless, bloated creatures has washed ashore, this time at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge, and people have already dubbed it the […]