Destination Truth: Ghosts of Petra

One of my favorite paranormal/unexplained reality shows of all time is Destination Truth hosted by Joshua Gates. Gates and his crew visit places around the world such as King Tut’s Tomb, the Great Wall of China, Island of Dolls in Mexico, Eastern Island, etc. in search of hints and clues of paranormal activity and cryptozoological creatures […]

ExtraNormal and the Intraterrestrials: News or Entertainment?

Another week, another TV show about unexplained phenomena in Latin America, right? For the benefit of those of you who don’t habla, I’m going to illuminate you on the Mexican show ExtraNormal, a perfect example of the Latin American phenomenon of paranormal news shows that are actually framed as something like a paranormal version of […]

Another Fiery UFO Video

Last week, I did a blog post on a fiery UFO that was seen and filmed in Mexico. Now there is another video making the rounds that seems to show the same phenomenon, only this video was shot in Georgia. Yet another flaming UFO has been filmed descending through the sky, this time in Georgia in the United […]

Fiery UFO Filmed in Mexico

Not sure what to make of this new UFO footage to come from Mexico. I’m guessing it’s not a craft built by extraterrestrials, unless it’s a UFO crash in progress. This most likely is some sort of space debris, an old satellite, some piece of space junk, or a meteorite. I don’t think I buy […]