Monkey on the Loose in Massachusetts

Monkey on the Loose in Massachusetts

I’ve always been fascinated by out of place animal stories. There’s just something so subtly unsettling about them. Because ultimately, they can’t all just be escaped circus animals or exotic pets. When I was 5 years old, there was a report of a baby elephant seen in my neighborhood of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Nothing ever […]

What Do Halloween and the Super Bowl Have in Common? (Hint: Travel Channel)

What season do you most associate with travel? Spring? Summer? Christmastime? Fall? My guess would be summer, maybe tied with or followed in a close second by Christmas. And those very well may be the busiest times for actual travel, but not for Travel Channel. Apparently their busiest season is Fall, specifically Halloween. Here’s what […]

Spring Heeled Jack

Spring-Heeled Jack

Spring is in the air and for some of the world’s cryptids, it’s also in their step. Take Spring-Heeled Jack, for instance. This is a guy who witnesses claim could jump over walls, all while cackling maniacally at others’ fear and misfortune. What a schadenfreude. The tale of Spring-Heeled Jack is not for the faint […]

Two Boys Find Decomposed Foot, Believe it Belongs to Bigfoot

I came across this story today, in which two boys found a decomposing foot and are now attributing it to Bigfoot. Reading the article, it doesn’t really say how big the foot is and why it couldn’t be a human or bear foot, so I’m not sure why this automatically belongs to Sasquatch. Maybe it’s […]

Photo of the Week: Massachusetts State House, Boston, MA

This week’s photo is not of an allegedly haunted location. This week, to show solidarity with the people of Boston, we are featuring a photo of the Boston State House. As a New Yorker and a Yankee fan, I give Boston a lot of ribbing. But in times like this, in the wake of the […]

Photo of the Week: Quaker Cemetery (“Spider Gates”)

We may not mention it too often, mainly because we’re busy goofing on silly paranormal stories, but we here at The Occult Section have out own paranormal group, the New York Paranormal Society. And, we’re lucky enough to have a professional photographer in our group. Laura Pennace, who is our case manager/photographer/historian, is also the owner […]

Massachusetts Law Rules in Favor of Ghosts

The great and glorious Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ laws about “stigmatized” properties was recently discussed on the Boston Glob Globe blog: The well maintained 4 bedroom Colonial in a North Shore suburb with a great backyard looked nice enough thought “Debbie,” the buyer. However, she was dismayed to learn from neighbors after closing on the property, […]

Mom’s final wishes come with ghostly threat

I’m not surprised this Dear Abby question is coming from Massachusetts (and I’m allowed to say that because I’m from there!). Children, beware. Dear Abby: My mother is a spry, 75-year-old woman who has expressed an unusual request. She has told us “kids” that when she is called by the angels, she wants to be […]

Historic Deerfield Inn has ghostly patrons

Historic Deerfield in Massachusetts is kind of like a Plimoth Plantation or Colonial Williamsburg, just on a smaller scale. Having grown up in Massachusetts, I have been there in the past, and since I’m a history geek, I loved it. So I was intrigued when I saw an article that said the grounds may be […]