Man Spots Traffic Light in NASA Photo of Mars

I’m going to be honest here: I really only blogged about this story about an alleged traffic light in a NASA Mars photo because I wanted to keep my Photoshopping skills up to snuff. Oh, and to point out the folly of these UFO “enthusiasts” who pour over NASA images looking for any little thing that looks even […]

UFO Hunter Claims to See Iguana on Mars

Ever since NASA Has been exploring Mars, UFO enthusiasts have been spotting odd objects on the planet’s surface, most famously the face on Mars. More recently, people have claimed to see a rat, a sheep-man (yes, seriously), and more. I came across this story of yet another UFO hunter claiming to see a very earthly […]

Mars UFOs Caught on Camera By Curiosity?

It was inevitable. NASA lands a craft on Mars, sends pictures back, and people are bound to look for UFOs in those pictures. But what happens when you don’t see any UFOs in the pictures? Simply keep running them through photo editing filters until something, anything, shows up. And then claim it’s a UFO. NASA […]