MOMO: The Missouri Monster – Review

MOMO: The Missouri Monster Directed by Seth Breedlove | Small Town Monsters One of my favorite memories from when I was a kid was staying up late on Friday and Saturday nights and watching monster movies. Sometimes it was a classic like “Creature from the Black Lagoon,” or maybe an underrated gem like “The Abominable […]

Ghost Hunters Accidentally Burn Down LeBeau Plantation

These days, trespassing just seems to go hand in hand with ghost hunting. Sure, there are many groups who go through the proper channels to gain access to property in order to investigate, but it seems like more and more self-styled ghost hunting groups are popping up, and ghost hunting is just one of the […]

In NoLa, Even Haunted Houses Face Foreclosure

Celebrities and haunted houses aren’t excluded from the strain of the economy. Especially celebrities like Nicolas Cage, who is losing two of his homes, both in New Orleans – one of which is supposed to be one of the most haunted houses in America. That’s quite a lofty claim, if I do say so. Of […]