Hold Up. Necrophilia was Technically Legal in CA up Until 2004?

Yes, this is apparently true. And, I suppose unfortunately for Alejandro Razo, the criminalizing of having sex with dead bodies came about nine years too early. Awk…..ward. SHERMAN OAKS, Calif. – Alejandro Razo, a Southern California nurse, has been accused of committing a sex act on a corpse at Sherman Oaks Hospital, authorities said Monday, […]

The Ghost of Michael Jackson

I can’t believe Michael Jackson has been dead for three years now. He looked like he died about 10 years ago. Anyway, bad jokes aside, I’m honestly surprised there weren’t more Micheal Jackson ghost stories before now. Los Angeles: He died three years ago, but King of Pop Michael Jackson’s spirit is said to be haunting […]

David Boreanaz says new home is haunted

Sorry, David Borenaz fans: I’m about to take my wrath out him for an overall trend I’ve been noticing. Why is it that every celebrity’s home is haunted now? Granted, it gives me something to blog about – but that’s not the point. The point is, every time anyone has anything even remotely strange happen, […]

Brad Pitt Visits Psychic, and Duel of Ugly vs. Fat Begins

Brad Pitt, who has long passed his physical peak of perfection, has apparently been regularly seeing a psychic to help guide him through all of life’s troubles (boo hoo hoo). How do we know this? Because the psychic, Ron Bard, took it upon himself to blab and flab to everyone under the sun. Ah, class […]

Triangle-shaped UFO shoots low over Los Angeles May 10

The Canadian. It never lets me down. This is one of those stories that isn’t really funny, but the actual eyewitness report is. Apparently this guy in Los Angeles spotted a triangular UFO the color of the moon. And I’m guessing [cms/tg/pd] is the Canadian way for censoring explitives. I prefer the !@#$, but that’s […]