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Ohio Woman Dies Searching for Goatman

It’s always sad to read stories like this, where someone dies as a result of investigating the paranormal. But it also makes me angry. Of course these people do not deserve to die, but it does upset me when people trespass or just engage in ill-advised behaviors in their search for the unknown. Because in […]

Photo of the Week: Fort Knox, Maine

This week’s photo is from inside Fort Knox in Maine. Not to be confused with the more famous U.S. Army post of the same name in Kentucky (which is what people usually think of when someone says “It’s more secure than Fort Knox”), this Fort Knox was a Civil War fort built between 1844 and […]

Psychic Bigfoot Hunter Claims to See Sasquatch, Sketch Looks Human

I’m not sure why this Bigfoot sighting is getting attention over others, but it is. It’s a pretty silly story, involving a psychic medium from New Jersey who refuses to list her full name, so you know she’s totally credible. Honestly, I just thought the sketch was kind of funny. MOREHEAD, Ky. – A woman […]

The UFOs of Madison County

LEX18.com, the NBC affiliate for Lexington, KY, reports that residents saw a UFO over Madison County on Wednesday. This time, it turns out it really was just a balloon. A UFO generated quite a buzz around the Madison County community on Wednesday. Lots of people were left wondering about the floating presence in the sky. […]