Ghost Hunters Update! For Real This Time!

For years now, there’s been speculation about when Ghost Hunters would return to the airwaves. Jason Hawes has been a bit cagey about why SyFy dumped the show back in 2016, and he’s been dropping hints for a long time that the show would return. And in early April, it was officially announced that a […]

FLIR Smartphone Case Brings Thermal Vision to iPhones

For most ghost hunters, the Holy Grail of ghost hunting equipment is the thermal imaging camera. They’re flashy, technical, colorful, and popular, but very few groups have one. Why? Because they’re insanely expensive. Many fire departments have them (for obvious reasons) and home inspectors use them as well, but it’s usually hard for a paranormal […]

Ariana Grande Encounters Some Demons But Deletes The Photo of Them

It seems like it’s been forever (or, like, a few weeks) since we’ve done a “celebrity reveals a paranormal interest” story here, so imagine my delight when I stumbled upon this story involving Ariana Grande and her encounter with demons. Or something. All I really know about this chick is that she occasionally interrupts my […]