yeti footage on camera ski resort spain

Yeti at Spanish Ski Resort?

When most people talk about the Yeti, certain images come up: white, tall, hairy, humanoid figure. But a very specific location is always associated with it: the Himalayas. In any other region, this creature is almost always described as having darker fur (I said almost – there are exceptions). So one would think that a […]

Scientist Says Yeti DNA is from Ancient Polar Bear

Over the past few years, I’ve lobbed a lot of criticism to the Squatchers over on the Finding Bigfoot television show, mainly for attributing every downed tree, weird howl and snapped twig to Sasquatch. I understand that if these creatures exist, then they would probably pull down an occasional tree, make an odd howl here […]

Peter Byrne Still Has Hopes of Finding Bigfoot

I’ve always admired Peter Byrne and his swagger. One of the original Bigfoot hunters, Byrne hasn’t really been mentioned much in the news lately, and I haven’t really seen him on many of the TV shows. I guess he’s been busy actually searching for Sasquatch lately, instead of making the TV rounds. And I say, good for […]

DNA Analysis Debunks Himalayan ‘Yeti Finger’

In what should come as no surprise to anyone, the alleged Yeti finger of the Pangboche Monastary has been debunked, as merely a human finger. A few years ago, an alleged Yeti scalp was proven to simply be from a Serrow, a Himalayan goat-like animal. Stories like this one are all over the internet today with […]