Mountain Monsters - Trail Cam Photo

Mountain Monsters: Fakest of the Fake Paranormal Shows?

My 7-year old son, God bless him, has recently taken an extreme interest in the paranormal, just like his dad. He’s got a bunch of age-appropriate books on the subject, with Bigfoot and ghosts being his favorite phenomena, but finding appropriate TV shows for him to watch is tough. He loves Finding Bigfoot and MonsterQuest, but […]

Bigfoot, Fairies, And Aliens Summoned On 10/10/10

Ok, mark your calendars. You might want to avoid New Kensington, PA on October 10th of this year. You see, on that date, “researcher” Robert Goerman wants to gather those who believe in strange creatures such as Bigfoot, aliens and fairies for a “chant” in order to contact these creatures. Flash News has the story. […]