Zac Efron is the Bravest Person Ever.

As if one High School Musical “star” having paranormal experiences isn’t enough, now Zac Efron wants to get in on the action.  He recounts a story how, as a youth, he explored a supposedly haunted house: Zac Efron has revealed that he used to live next door to a haunted house. Speaking to Virgin Media […]

Vanessa Hudgens’ home devoid of ghosts; career devoid of talent and longevity

Rumors were circulating recently that Vanessa Hudgens (best known for her naked phone pics for Zac Efron role in High School Musical) had fled her California mansion due to the presence of ghosts. Fortunately or unfortunately, her rep immediately dismissed the story. “Vanessa Hudgens has fled her Studio City, Calif., mansion because she believes it’s […]