Bigfoot in Common Core exam

Common Core Exam Includes Bigfoot Question

Most people are on the same page when it comes to the new common core educational program, which is allegedly designed to help students prepare for college but more times than not, just confuses and frustrates students and parents alike. But I do guiltily enjoy that there is a Bigfoot-related question on the new exam. […]

“Bigfoor Hair” Sold at Auction

Back in June, I blogged about a man who was selling supposed “Bigfoot hair” at an auction. And it seems that he was successful. The hair sample sold for $225 to a museum owner in Texas. And I’m glad the buyer is going to have the hair sample tested, but wouldn’t it have made more […]

Wanted: Bigfoot Hair Samples

Part of me is really digging this story and its possibilities, and the other part of me is pretty sure this will turn out to be a circus. On the one hand, better, faster, more accurate DNA studies could hugely benefit the world of cryptozoology. On the other hand, every yahoo and yokel who’s ever […]