More Glasgow Hauntings

Unfortunately in my last article, detailing some of the best ghostly tales associated with my hometown of Glasgow in Scotland, quite a few stories were left out. As they are too good to pass up on, I’m continuing my haunted round up this month. Southern Necropolis, The Gorbals The Southern Necropolis is a sizeable cemetery […]

My Haunted Hometown

The mention of ghosts and Scotland probably makes most people think of Edinburgh or mist cloaked castles in the Highlands. To give them their due, those kinds of places do have incredible hauntings, but they tend to eclipse other places in Scotland. Glasgow, my hometown, is a good case in point. It boasts a variety […]

Princess Diana’s ‘ghost’ caught on camera in Glasgow?

On of my biggest pet peeves is when ghost hunters find a piece of “evidence” that is clearly faked and then go to the media to claim that they have proof of paranormal activity. Now we have another irresponsible paranormal investigator claiming that some footage taken in a Glasgow church shows the ghost of Princess […]