Deb Larcombe twin ghost photo

Mother Sees Ghost of Dead Child in Photograph

As a parent, I can easily imagine the heartbreak of losing a child. And I can completely understand people wanting and needing to see “signs” that their child or other departed loved one is still around, in some form. But the skeptical, scientific-leaning side of me makes me question everything, especially when certain “evidence” is […]

A Ghostly Photograph “Caught on Video”

Awkward writing aside, here’s an interesting article about a photograph (that was “caught on video”) of a supposed ghost crashing a wedding party. A wedding crasher seems to have come from beyond the grave. A Canadian couple recently held their wedding in an old wine cellar in Newfoundland, and their friend snapped the ghostly photo…then […]

Light streak in Columbia Theatre photo likely wasn’t a ghost

Occasionally you hear interesting stories of potential evidence of paranormal activity caught inadvertently. This past week a story came out of Washington state about an odd photo taken during the renovation of the Columbia Theatre. The story describes the strange situation surrounding the photograph, as well as simultaneously debunking it. Interestingly, the editors at the […]