Ghost Hunter Claims to Film Queen Elizabeth I Apparition

Compelling evidence of the paranormal is extremely hard to come by. Most evidence falls into one of two categories: way too good to ever be true, or so vague/faint/fuzzy that nobody can rally even identify it. The “too good to be true” variety is usually the work of clever (or sometimes not so clever) hoaxers. […]

Ghostly Image Seen in Photo After Looking Real Closely

It happens all too often. Someone will stare at a photograph long enough to start seeing ghosts or strange things in the background. Or they will listen to a piece of audio and when the typical white noise fluctuates a bit, they miraculously hear a voice. People will often see what they want to see, […]

Middlesbrough mum spooked by ghostly shape caught on camera

Yes folks, I do apologize. This is yet another “another ghost caught on camera?” post. (PS: the answer to the question is pretty much always no). Shockingly, this story is from Britain (cough cough so is every other story I’m doing lately!) and looks pretty fake from the get-go. There’s more than one popular “ghost […]

Ghostly figure is caught on camera (hint: not really)

I love when people take a picture, see something they think is out of the ordinary, and automatically assume it’s a ghost. The fact this dock is closed when this picture was taken still makes me think it’s much more likely this picture of a figure is actually just a person (trespassing?) than a ghost. […]

Wem Ghost is fake; a town scrambles for new reasons for people to visit

As a photographer and paranormal researcher, I take great personal interest in the supposed phenomenon of catching a ghost in a picture. (Examples of previous posts are here, here, here, here, here, and here). While many theories abound, and many people are convinced certain photos are genuine, there is no photo that exists that has […]

Mysterious Images Spotted In Colbert County EMA Office

I know I usually tackle the UFO and monster sides of the paranormal and leave the ghostly stories to Laura, but I had to comment on this story after watching the accompanying video. Being a paranormal investigator for the past four years, I have seen many things, and many of those things have been extremely […]