Police Blotter Fun with Bigfoot

Police blotters from other parts of the country are very different than police blotters here in New York City. Here, we get muggings, burglaries, attempted rapes, fights out in front of bars and nightclubs, vandalism, some really violent and scary stuff. But in Tennessee? Bigfoot getting the blame for some sort of ruckus. Plus lots […]

Reader Submission: UFO Video from Dulverton

So we were contacted the other day by Jacqueline Leighton-Boyce, a UFO witness from the U.K. who took some video of a UFO, which seems to be part of an apparent UFO flap over there. Jacki’s e-mail to us is below, as well as the story about her UFO video and the local flap. Thanks […]

Ghost of Dead Grandfather in Facebook Picture?

It seems like every week, there’s another “ghost” captured in a photograph, and the media runs with it, giving credibility to these very dubious claims. I came across this story from the U.K., and found a great many things wrong with the photograph. A grandmother was left astonished after a photo posted on Facebook from […]