Ghost photobomb

Ghost Photobombs Family in England

In a story that harkens back to the story of the samurai ghost boots, a family vacationing in England is now saying that they have a ghost photobombing a picture of their kids. I had many thoughts regarding that photo, and many of the same thoughts could be applied to this photo. People forget exactly […]

Woman smells bad fish when seeing ghosts

Woman Haunted by Fishy Smelling Ghost

How could I not blog about this? Some woman in England claims that she expereinces a bad fish smell right before anything bad happens. Oh, and that when she takes pictures in old buildings, she captures orbs! How remarkable! From The Inquisitor, with all of their signature non-proofread reporting intact. The living are often alerted to a […]

Gremlins: More Than Just Cute and Scaly Critters

All this week, I’ve been celebrating a momentous occasion: this month marks the 50th anniversary since The Twilight Zone aired its last new episode (“The Bewitchin’ Pool” on June 19th 1964, for those keeping track at home). As a result of this festive (and honestly somewhat downtrodden) day, I decided to choose a Serling-friendly critter to spotlight […]

Spring Heeled Jack

Spring-Heeled Jack

Spring is in the air and for some of the world’s cryptids, it’s also in their step. Take Spring-Heeled Jack, for instance. This is a guy who witnesses claim could jump over walls, all while cackling maniacally at others’ fear and misfortune. What a schadenfreude. The tale of Spring-Heeled Jack is not for the faint […]

Spooky Clowns Terrorizing Northampton, England

Of all the weird creatures and phenomena out there, I’ve always been more interested in things like Bigfoot, Mothman, the Dover Demon, Goatman, and the like, versus things like mad gassers and spooky clowns. I think they are interesting phenomena, but I’m just not fully convinced that there is anything paranormal or supernatural about them. […]

Miley Cyrus Stalked by Ghosts in London

Yes, it’s another addition to the list of celebrity ghost stories. Apparently Miley Cyrus had some paranormal activity in her London apartment during her 2009 tour. I’m terrible at research, so does anyone know if she had been smoking marijuana back then? Also, this is not the first time the Cyrus family has been linked to the […]

A Haunted Car Wash?

I suppose anywhere can be haunted, in theory. So why not a car wash? Why not, indeed. I found this story about an alleged haunted car wash in England. I know car washes are notorious for their unfortunate history of gruesome employee deaths. Or am I thinking of something else? A columnist writing for the Jarrow […]

Giant Ghost Claimed to be Captured in Google Earth Image

I’m pretty convinced I could put a photograph up of anything on our paranormal website, draw a red circle around some random spot in the photo, and people would swear to God that they could see all manner of things in the red circle. I actually don’t need to be convinced, because it happened to […]

King Richard III’s Skeleton, Lost for Centuries, Found After “Hunch”

This is a fascinating story that I frankly don’t know how to process. The location of the body of 32-year-old King Richard III, who died in 1485 at the Battle of Bosworth Field, has been unknown for centuries. Fast forward to 2009, when Philippa Langley allegedly sensed the exact spot where his body was (underneath a […]

Ghost of Dead Grandfather in Facebook Picture?

It seems like every week, there’s another “ghost” captured in a photograph, and the media runs with it, giving credibility to these very dubious claims. I came across this story from the U.K., and found a great many things wrong with the photograph. A grandmother was left astonished after a photo posted on Facebook from […]