Coney Island monster batman

The Coney Island Monster

Coney Island has always been a special place for me. As a kid, my parents would bring me to the boardwalk to visit the New York Aquarium and grab some hot dogs and french fries at Nathan’s Famous, the iconic hot dog stand. As I got older, I’d take trips on Sundays with my father […]

UFO Enthusiasts React to CIA Disclosure on Area 51

The existence of Area 51, also known as Dreamland and Groom Lake, has been common knowledge for a long time know, and even the government has vaguely acknowledged that the base existed. But now some recently released documents by the CIA confirm its existence. But the documents only state that the base was used to […]

Alien Agenda

It’s a comprehensive history of the phenomenon, and very detailed, for the most part. A newcomer to the field could gain a wealth of knowledge from reading Alien Agenda, but armchair ufologists will learn a lot as well.

Area 51 debunked? I don’t think so…

Ok, so according to this article on, the mysteries of Area 51 have been solved. It seems like five former employees at the base are talking to the media, and are claiming that the UFOs sighted at the base over the past 40 years or so can be attributed to a top secret military aircraft, […]