Gremlins: More Than Just Cute and Scaly Critters

All this week, I’ve been celebrating a momentous occasion: this month marks the 50th anniversary since The Twilight Zone aired its last new episode (“The Bewitchin’ Pool” on June 19th 1964, for those keeping track at home). As a result of this festive (and honestly somewhat downtrodden) day, I decided to choose a Serling-friendly critter to spotlight […]

Selena Gomez Joins Growing List of Celebrity Ghost Hunters

Ghost hunting is all the rage right now. Besides the numerous TV shows, conventions, horror movies, and everything else paranormal in pop culture these days, more and more celebrities have been coming forward to admit that yes, they too enjoy the paranormal. Selena Gomez is just the latest celebrity to join a growing list that […]

Disneyland Park Ghost Spotted: Fans think it is Walt Disney

A video has been popping up in various stories from a series of security cameras in the Disneyland Park in California. People are claiming a ghost is walking through the park, eventually walking out onto the water. This is a video of a ‘ghost’ walking through Disneyland the back of the park including the Haunted […]